Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Catching up...

A few short weeks ago we had
Thanksgiving in Alabama
and it was
After running around
trying to see as
many people as we could
Thursday we spent most of the day
with the Ryans,
visiting the Ryan brothers,
(sorry , Jeff and Marcy were
not able to be there!)
and their families..
Aunt Freda , Uncle David
their family
and Uncle Charlie , too.
After we ate,
(and I would like to repeat,
while running the risk of sounding redundant..)
Mam-maw really out did herself..
it was a true feast!
I joined Michael out side for a walk..
which seemed to take us pretty straight to
that large red tractor..
to make a long story short..
He seemed to think that he
to ride said tractor..
I have promised pictures of this event..
so with out further ado..
Papa , his buddy Michael and
his big old tractor ..

Michael, seems to think he could talk the
Papa into letting him have a turn at the wheel...
maybe in a few years, buddy.
We left Alabama the next day
headed back to Rye..
Driving all day till 10:30 that night
brought us to Maryland and
a hotel..
a wake up call at 4:30 and we were back on the road..
eta..3 to 3:30..
before the vet closes at 4 and
before the Alabama /Auburn
Iron Bowl kickoff..
During the week the
Koi pond still was covered in ice...
Chloe seems to think
she might like
to try out for the ice skating
events come the next winter Olympics!
Sonja Henie
move on over!!!
The Big Dog's moving in!The next week end
Michael and I headed down the road to
Hampton Falls
Tonry Tree Farm
to harvest a real tree..
first one in many years for this family..
The children will be joining us to celebrate Christmas,
Dee-Cee and her family, the day after
and Miss Carrie and her boyfriend on the 30th!
We are very excited and can hardly wait!
Our trip to the tree farm:
there was a light snow that day... Chloe was a star at the tree farm..
everyone wanted to pet her..
she was a very good girl..
so calm and she really enjoyed the attention
from all the children,
she got her head petted many times!
After, Michael got the tree back to the truck
we decided to drive back to Love Lane
the beach..
I had never seen snow on a beach!
I have a feeling there is plenty more to come!The Galley HatchSo now its time to get ready for Christmas...
Having a grandchild seems
to be a good excuse
for letting the inner child come out..
(well, at least this year..I can use him
for an excuse...)
I do love Christmas!!The following week
in the wee hours of the night
upwards of 400 thousand
homes lost electricity..
due to an ice storm..
Michael & I
were in away very lucky
to have the gas logs for some heat,
and the gas range top..
The water is from the well...
which uses an electric pump...thank goodness
the hospital job site had water
and we could buy some really big jugs..
water heated on the stove can
be used so one is not so
After a couple of cold days
and very cold nights..
the power finally came back to Love Lane..
many souls went all this week without power..
ending up in shelters..
schools were still closed today...
Wednesday morning we awoke to
a pretty good start to a New Hampshire
Chloe LOVES the snow..
It snowed till around noon...the days was very grey
and the sky very heavy..all day...
the pond is still frozen
since the ice storm settled in... The snow is still here and more is expected tomorrow!
They predict with each snow fall
(suppose to be 2 more storms in the next 3 days)
that each one will be bigger than the last..
Can you believe 7 to 8 inches tomorrow?
How does that old song go?
"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..
just like the ones..."
I've never known...

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