Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Saturday trip and Sunday, too (a.k.a. part 2)

Headed toward the mall

sidewalk that has been plowed

The "Spa" where Boo & Bo
stay when we come home..
and when one of our
short "children"
need to see the
well, she hangs out here, too.

Car dealership..

Now, I bet, its hard to sell

a car under the snow!

headed back to Love Lane..

all the fire hydrants have

metal "poles" with a red diamonds

on top..

now I know why..

Sunday we head down to Seabrook..

why..well , it has snowed even more

and we just might need to go to Lowes..

you know, we might see something..

oh, and there is a "different"

Wal-mart ..
so off we go!

It is snowing faster than they can plow..
this storm is suppose to give us
one to two inches
an hour..

"Bless her heart"

The Widow Fletchers

The estuaries
(if not spelled correctly..check in with Sam)

Cousin George must have slept here..
we will read it some other day.

Only KFC around..
guess whats for supper?

it was snowing harder and harder and...

it was freezing the widshield as it hit..

Old Salt restaurant

Als is jumping..

driving range...
not today..

I sure was glad to see Love Lane

And Chloe
was glad to go back out
to her play ground!
With this I will get up from here and
continue preperation for the following days!!
I can't wait!
Santa comes tonight
and day after tomorrow
Bill, Felice and Michael come to Rye!
and in the following days
Our Carrie and Patrick will join
in our festivities!
So for now,
I wish you a
Merry Christmas!

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