Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snowy Trip to Town...Saturday..12-20-08


December the 20th

we bundle up in layers and head

to town..

First stop...

Wal-mart of course..

Second stop...

The job site of course...

Third stop the Malls...

and we will throw in a lunch at the

"Bugaboo Creek Steak House"

... Leaving the drive way..

Michael had to back up and take a couple of

goes to get over the

snow the plows had left at the entrance

to the drive.

out on Love Lane

Michael always drives up South Road..

I tend to drive up Central...

I have not been driving the granny van

in the last few days!

Along the way we see LOTS of people

shoveling and plowing snow..

U.S. 1-A

In the parking lot you park

on Icee sludge and snow...

Headed to the hospital job site..

Road to hospital

Portsmouth Regional...

Many people, almost everyone

asks Michael how they work in such weather..

here is my poor explaination

they put up scafolding

around the exsisting building

that they will be working on..

then they wrapped it with a fabric..

and then some heaters

are put in place...

I am sure its not warm enough

to sit with a cup of cider and enjoy

the toasty warmth ...

but, for a construction job

in the middle of the

great white tundra...

seems to work.

Come rain, sleet or snow,

the mail will go through

He does have a coat!

Close up of fabric..

I am sure Michael has called this

fabric by a certain name..

but, probably while I was pondering

other things like..

yardage of fabric needed

for fun, warm projects..

like quilting.

Wet lands by the hospital..

getting ice off wipers.


the mall area..


I will post the next part of our trip home

and the following day

trip ..

durring the 15" snow...

seperate as not to bog it down
with to many pictures.

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