Tuesday, April 28, 2009

May Celebrations, Aunt Flossie, Wild Turkey,& Birthdays

In the month of May we celebrate

many people and occasions

We start with wishing

our friends a

"Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!"


On the 10th of this month we celebrate

our Mothers...

the women , who cradled us, fed us and nurtured us,

the ones that dried our tears and kissed our wounds..

the ones that watched us grow,

held their breaths as we tried new things,

and cheered when we succeeded..

the same ones that threw open their arms

when we failed..

the Mothers that silently cried ,

when as babies we stepped on their toes,

and as fledgling teens..

tried our wings

and stepped all over their hearts...

The mothers that filled with pride

when we "made it to" adulthood

and had children of our own.

We celebrate our Mothers who still

pray each night...

for our continued safety and happiness...

and we celebrate the new Mom's

that are just learning all about

feeling the mothers side of love!

To my Mother & all the

other mothers that have graced my life,

I want to send my love

and say Thank You !


May 6th- May 12th

Nurses Week

Florence Nightingale
Born: 12 May 1820
Died: 13 August 1910 (natural causes)
Birthplace: Florence, Italy
Best known as: British nursing hero of the Crimean War
Florence Nightingale earned the nickname "The Lady With the Lamp"
for her tireless nursing of British soldiers during the Crimean War.
Nightingale was born to wealthy English parents
and proved to be a quick-witted and independent child.
In 1837 she felt she heard a call from God,
though the nature of the calling was unclear.
She became interested in nursing and,
despite opposition from her parents,
trained as a nurse and began work in a London clinic.
When the Crimean War broke out in 1854,
she led a group of three dozen nurses to Constantinople
to serve in British military hospitals there.
(This was controversial:
female nurses had not served in such wartime field hospitals before.)
No shrinking violet,
she cajoled army officials to change terrible conditions in the hospitals,
thus earning the gratitude
of soldiers and a measure of public fame.
When the war ended in 1856 she returned to
London and continued her reform campaign there.
Her outspoken Notes on Matters Affecting the Health,
Efficiency and Hospital Administration of the British Army (1857)
and Notes on Hospitals (1859)
helped create changes in hygiene and overall treatment of patients.
She also founded the groundbreaking Nightingale Training School for nurses,
and in later years published dozens of books and pamphlets on public health.
Nightingale was awarded
the Royal Red Cross by Queen Victoria in 1883, and in 1907
became the first woman to receive the Order of Merit.

Happy Nurses Week
to all my
compadres !!!


This past month I have received several emails
with Wonderful pictures of family..
Let me share.

Randall & Zackery Slaten
at Matthews ball game!


Zack sends Matthew a signal

Stephen Biddle & family
at Easter
I really like this picture of Molly painting!
Meg & Dalton
Prom 2009
Megan Biddle

Wild Turkey
Boo boo wants to join in on the chase!
The other morning Chloe sent up
a warning bark...
It sounded like the ever
elusive moose
must have been climbing
over her fence!!!
She was SERIOUS!!
I ran to the window and there saw
crossing the yard
a wild turkey..
Well, who could resist..
I snatched up my camera and jumped into
the first pair of shoes by the door,
(Michael's short boots)
and tore..clomping out the door..
dreaming of the prize ,
it would be candid pictures of
wildlife in nature..
they would be glorious!!
Chloe spied me bounding
(More like bumbling and lurching)
around the corner..
causing her to turn on her heels
elevating the pursuit to a higher level..
Barking and growling , grass flying under her paws..
she became the one thing that old turkey
wanted nothing to do with!
Do you know turkeys can really RUN!
That turkey shifted into overdrive!
It was across the yard
over the fence and into the woods
in a split second...
no pictures were obtained ,
this time,
never fear,
we remain here..
if not very stealthy..
ever vigilant.

Spring continues to peek
at us and smile!


May Birthdays

Scott Poe May 3rd
(pictured on the right)

Graham Ryan May 4th
Susanne Slaten May 7th

Doyle Slaten May 9th

Matthew Ryan May 15th
A last word to the wise...

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