Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter week :part two :Washington D.C.

Saturday morning
we gathered together, then split
up into two vans..
The "womens" in the Mama van...
and the menfolk in the Gamma van..
we proceeded up I-95 to the Metro station..
and caught the commuter train into Washington D.C.
Michael loves Choo-choo trains!

It was a very wet and drizzly kind of day..
Michael came prepared

getting out of the wet we headed into
Smithsonian Air & Space Museum...
Now, let me tell you that in my life time I thought
I had experienced "crowded"...
but not until that day had I ever been Really crowded!
People were everywhere you looked and tried to walk..
and I am not real sure but it seemed that we could
have been about the only ones speaking "English"
I could not even begin to venture a guess
at how many different languages I over heard!!
The exhibits were very interesting..
My two favorite parts were the very OLD airplanes
and the Space exhibit...
Seeing the Apollo capsule , the Lunar rover
and the space rocks
I felt like it was 1969 all over again!!
The only thing
I NEVER did care for
was the way
they sent those poor little monkeys
into space...
still looks cruel to me..
Pap-paw really seemed to enjoy the exhibits!
We all enjoyed going and spending time together.
After our visit to the museum we caught
the sight seeing trolley right outside at the curb
and took a gander at a good part of Washington...
We got off at the Union Station
to partake of the fare from one of its forty
When our hunger was sufficiently abated
we rejoined another trolley and finished the loop around
the city..ending close to the Metro station
in order to head back to the vans and Virginia...

On the way back in the van..
Michael wanted to try his aquired camera skills...
so without further ado
lets take a nice long look at the young mans
Ladies and Gentlemen our next
Ansel Adams!
one little finger and the windshield


and more toes



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