Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dreamin' in Rye

Last Friday Michael took me over to the beach
for supper at Petey's..
Where I have come upon the realization that
I actually do love clams!
In the past , the only clams I had ever eaten
were clam "strips"...
little strings of leather fried up to a greasy
crispy blandness..
These whole clams are wonderful!
On the way to Petey's and back
I played with the new camera Michael bought me..
I fear that what little understanding I have wrung from
the instruction booklet has lead me to
the conclusion that now
I must register for multiple college courses ,
the least
of which would probably be graduate level,
in order to understand all the buttons, knobs
and dials...
to be able to take a picture
in something more than the "auto" setting!
The "slide" above was made with
the new camera...
I am so far very tickled with it...
and with
Michael for his ever thoughtfulness & sweetness !!


Rain has come and been predicted for a few days

I have heard of the rainy, dreariness

that has plagued a good part of the country..

At, least its rain and not blizzards...

Hopefully ,its just rain where you are and no spring turbulence's...

i.e. hailstorms or strong straight winds ,

floods or " tornatic" events! It can get really rough to say the least!


On the side bar of the blog

you can find a new gadget or two...

there will be daily quotes

from two favorites

Mark Twain & Dr. Seuss!


As you can very well tell ,

there is not a lot of news this week from Rye.

I fear that I have been slightly overcome with a blue funk...

(could it be that I am over the "trip" and I already miss my Babies again..)

That is my best venture!

I am going to do my best to remedy this calamity of moods

by spending endless hours in the craft room...

and the making of a

bread pudding covered in rum sauce..

Yeah, that's the ticket...

and maybe just maybe when I look up

the week will be over, the rain will be gone ,

it will have warmed up

and we can go "out" and play!!


Hope this finds all y'all in a

happy go lucky mood

warmed by a

bright and sunny



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