Thursday, April 2, 2009

March has come and gone...

March has come and gone...
it seems that winter is finally loosing
its frigid grip around us..
the wind is still somewhat cutting..
the skies mostly grey..
yet, there are more birds in the yard...
robin red breast
to numerous to count
and a red headed wood pecker
flipping from tree to tree...
the Koi pond has gone from thick ice
back to its liquid form...
The squirrels and chipmunks
skitter across the rock fence lining the yard...
and the April showers have come...
I have been informed that
in New Hampshire
after winter the next season to come
the Muddy Season..

I am prepared!


April Fools' Day

(according to Wikapedia)
The origin of April Fools' Day is obscure.
One likely theory is that the modern holiday was first celebrated
soon after the adoption of the Gregorian Calendar;
the term referred to someone still adhering to the Julian Calendar,
which it replaced.[2]
In many pre-Christian cultures May Day (May 1)
was celebrated as the first day of summer,
and signalled the start of the spring planting season.
An April Fool was someone who did this prematurely.
Another origin is that April 1 was counted the first day of the year in France.
When King Charles IX changed that to January 1, some people stayed with April 1.
Those who did were called "April Fools" and were taunted by their neighbors.
In the eighteenth century
the festival was often posited as going back to the times of Noah.
An English newspaper article published
on April 13th, 1789 said
that the day had its origins when he sent the raven off too early,
before the waters had receded.He did this on the first day of the Hebrew month that corresponds with April.[3]
A possible reference to April Fools' Day
can be seen in the Canterbury Tales (ca 1400)
in the Nun's Priest's tale, a tale of two fools:
Chanticleer and the fox, which took place on March 32nd.[4]
Hope everyone made it through the day unscathed!!!


In April we will celebrate

three birthdays!!!

April 8
Aren't you glad
I didn't go get the picture of you in diapers!!
We love you!

April 16th

Sabrina Ryan
Many happy returns!
We love you, too!
April 21st
Happy Birthday Russ!
You could never be forgotten!!
Hope you have a wonderful day!
Love you bunches!!!
This coming Friday is the
anniversary of
Felice and Bills wedding!
Happy anniversary!
Had to put in this picture
of Joseph as the ring bearer..
hand in pocket and a big old wink!!
Now, who's not something else?


I have received some really sweet pictures
of little Mr. Zachary in the last few days!
How he is growing!

First visit to dream land!!

Don't worry Zachary..

you'll get some teeth soon!

Granny Slaten & Zachary

Grandaddy Slaten!


Last week-end was the New Hampshire Maple weekend..

did I mention it has started raining?

well, it was ugly last Saturday and Sunday and Monday,

I think it quit for awhile on Tuesday...

but, I could be wrong...

to say there was no
Maple syrup on snow,
on ice cream, candy, waffles
or pancakes..
or even in any coffee..
No horse team competitions,
or any sugaring demonstrations...

I was overtly down in the dumps..

just down right

Blue !

But, there seems to always be a bright ray of sun..

no matter how grey the skies,

how soggy the ground...

This coming Monday the Gamma & Chloe

van will be hitting the road..

(another sign of Spring)

headed south to see my Babies!

Meanwhile, back here on the

edge of the

Great North Woods,

almost every evening

we will become giddy with

excitement at the ringing

of the web cam..

Who's calling???

Why, its our Michael!!!


Anonymous said...

regarding aprils birthdays, somebodys brother in law has hurt feelings!

Gamma said...

Would you all please send me your birthdays..yet again..I had put them on a computer program with a calander, back when I was working on dvds and calanders ..yet, it seems to only show me some of them now and I continue to get in deep water..(being of a simple mind and believing that the computer tells me the truth.).maybe one of those little tickster house gnomes got in there and is having fun with me..whatever it is..I seem to need a new list..
Appologies to any that have been missed or put in the wrong month!! This simple mind still loves all y'all no matter the month!

uncle russ said...

i know, all those years of nursing!! i was kidding . my feelings weren't hurt at all. i mean you do pretty well for somebody as old as you are!! ya'll wish i could make the trip next week. but someone has to stay here and feed the animals..........uncle russ