Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Week: part one

Friday, April 5th Chloe spent the day at the "Spa"
in preparation for the
first spring road trip of the year!
Needless to say we were all excited about our
upcoming outing!
The weather is beginning to warm,
the ground is thawing,
the roads are clear...
here we come!
We will only venture half the way this time
stopping in the territory the girls now
tend to claim..
It is still "south"
(most places will serve "sweet tea")
Monday morning comes bright and early...
a chill wrapped around us as we
loaded the last of our luggage in the
Gamma/Chloe van...
Being the sweethearts that we are
Chloe and I transport
the majority of the "Papas" luggage
and most importantly his
Golf bats..
Even though he won't be joining us till
he flies in on Thursday..
the Papa does not like to check
So off we go leaving as Papa heads to work..
following us up South Road,
We turn south & Papa turns north
on West Road...
"See you Thursday Papa!"
off we drive into the bright sunny day..
In about 7 miles we turn onto
I-95 headed south and directly into the
It rained through Mass., Conn., NY.,

it rained through NJ.,
Delaware & Maryland
but let up in time for the rush hour
in Washington D.C.

It was almost dark whenwe were pulling up to
Bill & Felice's house...
We spy Michael in his Babas arms at
the door waving a big

After unloading the van,
Michael spies the box with his new "Handy Manny"
truck and Baba goes back to work putting it together..
It's almost more than Michael can stand..
having to wait on his "Manny" truck..
Much help is offered..
finally together, sitting in the floor the last
adjustments are made to the
"work bench" and "Handy Michael" is in business!
He answers the phone
and goes to work tightening all the plastic screws
and making all kinds of much needed adjustments
to the appliances and gadgets awaiting on his
Handy "Mannnny" truck!

This past Christmas his "bike" could not
go back home on the plane with him
so this spring it took a ride down with
Papas golf bats..
For days he would ride it around the house
A new pair of
"Batman Pjs"
that boy was "stylin' "!

Tuesday, the Gamma rested..
and Michael went to school ..
his Mama picked him up for
a doctors appointment..
But, Wednesday,
Michael and I went to see
Aunt Carrie...
Where we visited, and went to town..
we ate at Riggazi's
was it good!
Michael ate all his Salad & Linguine Alfredo
and half of mine..
Shhh...Gamma, Mama is not home
I won't tell if you give me Pepsi...

Somewhere in there...
one of those days..
Michael showed me how to make
(aka cup-cakes..)
at one cup cake eating
we heard him singing
it tickled him so much that we
"Happy Birthday"
with a satisfied nod & big grin
he ate his cupcake!

Thursday, we stayed home..
except for a quick trip to the Wal-Mart
for vinegar for egg dying
(poor eggs never did get dyed,
good thing they like egg salad...)
We watched Handy Manny,
played with all kind of toys
and rode on

Felice, picked up the Papa at the airport
in Richmond somewhere around 1:ish
and we all met at the house...

Thursday we went out to eat at
We ordered family style..
they will bring dishes to the table and
continue bringing food till you tell them to

It was very good and very filling!
We all ate well..
Michael ate very well...
toward the end his Mama was trying to get him
to taste the Creme Brulee'...
He tried to tell her
She said something like
"I think you will like this"
Well, bless his heart..he just had to get his point across..
Up came his shirt ,
tucking it under his chin he began patting
his little round full tummy!!!
We all got the point and had a very big laugh..
the boy was Full!


The restaurant is in an open air mall..
outside before we ate
Michael and I were treated to a ride on the
"Choo-choo train"!

Want a bite of breakfast cookie?

Friday morning Papa, Baba, Uncle Joe and Grandpa
went to play golf..
Michael and I stayed at the house while his
Mama & Joseph
went to the grocery store...
Then in just awhile Mam maw & Pap paw Ryan arrived!

They brought Michael a new Easter toy..
when you push its hand the
Bunny pilot be-bops and sings
"Here comes Peter Cottontail"
while the propeller twirls
emanating different sentiments
such as
"Some Bunny Loves You"
He really liked this toy!!
What young boy wouldn't..
it has all you could want..
a "Rabbit",wiggles, flashing lights,
and Music!
After awhile we loaded up in the Mama van
and road into Richmond...
a trip through the
"Hollywood Cemetery"
visiting the grave sites of
two U.S. Presidents,
One President of the C.S.A.
thousands of confederate soldiers
and as the story goes one old

After walking all over the cemetery
we adjourned to the "Bottoms Up" Pizza Parlor
way "down" in Richmond...
Then everyone agreed it was time to drive on back to the country
and see the Papa and Baba when they came in from golf..

Michael shows Pap-paw how he can work
Pap-paws phone.

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