Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter week: part three: The Rabbit, Carrie,& on the road once again...


After the Easter Rabbit
everyone loaded up yet again
and headed west to Charlottesville
Carrie lives in a sweet little townhouse
at the foot of the mountain, practically in
the shadows of Monticello.
Mam-maw and Pap-paw met us there
and we all went to the
"Blue Moon Cafe"
for brunch...
Yet, again everyone was full to
over flowing when we were done..
Good food & good company
what more could we ask for...
Maybe next time we could all gather
and go on a Tuesday night so we might join
the audience and cheer on the local
Charlottesville Lady arm wrestlers!
"You go Big Bertha!!!"


Leaving Dee-Cees


After our much enjoyed brunch

the Mam-maw and Pap-paw got a head start

and ventured forth on the road back to

the heart of Dixie.

Leaving Mama and Patrick to visit inside

Michael, Carrie, Baba, Papa, Chloe and Gamma

took our leave to the back yard where Aunt Carrie & Michael

enjoyed the swing set..

and had a fulfilling adventure on the trampoline!











of fun!


Baba and Michael
resting in the shade

Our Carrie

What a Princess

Carrie and Daddy

Carrie and Chloe

Michael D., Chloe and I spend the night at Carries...
We kicked back and relaxed..
Michael did a little reading on his book..
after awhile
Carrie and Patrick played a few hands of rummy,
and I looked through a Gazillion e-mails...
Chloe took the oppertunity to catch up on
some all important rest...
and no that Princess doesn't snore
..she is just putting on..
..a little..


The next morning came early
and Michael seemed to think we needed to return,
for the time being,
back to the northern climes...
Mr. Boo & Miss Bo lounging at the kitty spa
are awaiting our return..
and the job needs tending..
so back we will go..
Maybe, it won't be long after we get there
that Spring will
be about set to be sprung!

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