Friday, September 3, 2010

Michael W. Sings and Talks

Our four year old grandson
Michael W. A. Hall
is spending two weeks with us..
We are coming into the end of the first week..
as I sit here watching him push
his "Christmas" train
(Santa can be seen in the engine car...
and the track goes around the Christmas tree..
in December , anyway..)
I am trying to connect two or more thoughts...
and believe me that's not REAL easy when
I don't have a house filled with
the wonderous noises
of a four year old!
So bear with me..
please excuse all misspellings,
unfinished sentences
and any half thoughts...
For while I may look all crumpled and frazzled
and I may sound like a bubbling idiot
I am having the time of my life!!!
Love to all! D♥

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