Sunday, September 19, 2010

AHOY ! There Matey


Shiver me timbers !! Where be the year ?

It be here only but a fourt nigh ago !!!

We be sailin' t' high seas

lookin' for de muther o' all 'em big ol' t' biggest fishes and

we be findin' all 'em whales that thar bright day

Now, here it be that thar voyage she be come and gone &

a new one be underway

AYE !!!

So git ye quick up ol' Jacob's Ladder...

t' join all ye oth'r freebooters

Pull ye out t' ol' blackjack

n' fill 'er wit t' grog

o' ye choise!!

Be it rum o' t' black ooz

ye call coffee...

Aye, aye.. some be wantin' to be

tastin' ye crackle fruits first..

Be ye quick wi' it then


n' if'n ye'd be addle brained

n' taint rested yo imaginins on

what we be rattlin' bout

then it be five bells past t' time

fo' ye to wake ye lazy scallywag dog of a self up...

shake off 'em cob webbers..

finds ye eye patch, ye swach & ye buckle

pull on ye monkey jacket..

get ye into that there duffle..

make ye shur ye be gotten it all...

dunt be fo'gettin all ye

golden jewlry.. be highly of t' import !

slosh ye grog , set ye foot about quickly now

For thay ol' sun she bee warmin' up an' the wind she be a blowin'

It be high time t' hoist ye colors

pirate thing

n' set ye sails!

For it be yet agin...

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

pirate monkey

So all ye scurvey dogs n' wenches

ye set ye sails fo' to be havin'

ye a good ole time!

P.S. could no be pullin' out o' port wi'out leavin pictures o' me favorits

1. Aye...all ye wenches take ye

a deep breath, now...

come on dunt fo'get ye t' breath!


Cap'in Jack Sparrow

2. and most of all before t'

Sparrow e'r sang be ye t'

Cap'n Bully Hayes...


3. n' not be forgettin' me

favorit piratey wench o'

all bells...

End Dutch -- Pirate party Aug,Sept 2008 368[1]

Me gurl Carrie !

Be all ye about havin' ye a good ole time now!


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