Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trains, apple juice, bouncing, neck hugs and lullabies...

This past week has been very busy and very full...
Saturday morning started off with a trip to Charlottesville
and brunch with Carrie at the "Blue Moon Cafe"
(Where if you are lucky on a Tuesday nite you might chance to see
the ever famous "Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers"
taking on any brave competition...) after brunch and an errand or two
Carrie trudged off to work
an I began to work on the chair recovering...
yes, "Arts and Crafts Sweatshop"
little did I expect after working on it
this past Saturday and Sunday
that I would still lack
the cushions being covered so off again to the
work shoppe this week end...
But, it's always good to see my baby girl,
and I truly enjoy the challenge of a new project!
While I was in Charlottesville ,
back at the Hall's,
Felice worked on the railroad line
and created quite a "wicked awesome" trail!!

Michael has played and played
and played some more...
hours on end with his trains!
One day after literally hours on the train tracks
he climbed up on the couch,
threw his hands up and exclaimed
"All done train track!"

but, of course he was not all done...
each morning the first thing out of his mouth is
"Train track!..Choo choo!"

Tuesday, Michael and I ventured into Richmond
for a visit to the
"Children's Museum"
and then Lunch with Mommy!!

Michael had been there before
and showed his Gamma
how everything was done...
next time...
track shoes!!

Wednesday, was Joesph's
9th birthday!
He joined us for supper
and then cake and ice cream..
He is growing up to be
such a wonderful young man.


Make a wish and blow!
Thomas the train, apple juice, bouncing, jumping,
pitter pattering, giggling, pull-ups,
sweet kisses, neck hugs, lullabies and good nights!!
Grandbabies are so wonderful...

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