Thursday, September 17, 2009

From Virginia to Home...

As most of you know Michael William
had surgery at the end of August
and I ,
being the Gamma
was called into duty for long term post op babysitting
until the post op follow up gave him the green light
for a safe and happy daycare return.. While in Virginia
Michael and I visited Aunt Carrie
several times after coming home from the hospital...
On a couple of week ends ,
while Bill and Felice were home with Michael
I would go to
Carries and while she was at work I
covered an old favorite chair...

Taa Daa.

Carrie at work...
(One sneaky picture..)

Michael came to see us on my
second week end away from home...
Labor Day week-end..
Alabama University played Virginia Tech..
(Our two Alabama fans).
(Felice and her Daddy)
Sunday morning we ate at a diner ..

Papa and Michael
wearing their
"Alabama" bowling shirts
made for them by a very loving Gamma
(who is an Auburn fan).
Now that is love..

Two Buddies
One day after visiting Aunt Carrie
she went to work and Michael
and I visited
Charlottesvilles Children's Museum
His favorite part of course
was the train.


And finally after three weeks
we got home...
to our, deck and our yard...
Sunday evening Michael grilled
and we were all very happy!

The weather is turning toward
yesterday the high was 58
and today its suppose to be 62..
Autumn has always been my
favorite time of year..
I look forward to all the wonderful colors
that will adorn the
neighborhoods and forest!

The fish have continued to grow!

I bet some are a good six inches long or longer!

The red berries on this tree
continue to fascinate me
each fall!
they look as if they belong in
the illustrations from
a book of faerie tales...
I think faeries and elves
and hobbits
must inhabit our yard
dusk until the break of dawn!

It's always nice to visit...
see our children
and play with
train tracks, Webkins Jr.,
race cars and read books with my
"littlest" Sweetheart..
But, its oh sooo good to be HOME.
post script...........
Our home place may always be in Alabama...
however, I am "home" when I am with my Michael.

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Cheryl said...

Absolutely love the Alabama shirts!! The chair looks great also. Michael is such a doll!! He is going to be a heart-breaker.