Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday and One More Moment , Please...

In September
many birthdays are celebrated...
Rebecca Ryan

Justin Ryan

Kelsey Ryan

and Mama,
Myrtle Ragsdale
Happy happy birthday to all!!!
This past week end I arrived home
after almost a month away..

In the past several weeks I have
been very busy
staying with Michael W.
and covering a chair for his Aunt Carrie.
Running back and forth to and fro...
As much as I love seeing and staying with our
children is not home...
After two nights of getting reacquainted
with "my" bed ...I am almost beginning to feel human
yet once again..
now if y'all will give me a couple of days
to get completely unpacked
and myself back in working order
I will try to catch up with this blog..
until then another
big YAWN and a large stretch
and I will be back up to snuff soon!
Love to all.

1 comment:

Gennifer Baker (Alabama) said...

Wow, from Auburn fan to did an amazing job on the bowling shirts. Those are just to darn cute, even if they are for the 'other' team!