Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First..a word about safety,... and... then an Irish blessing

One Picture is worth a thousand words!

R.J. Griffin is extremely conscious of safety

issues on the job site!

So who said you can't have a little fun while being safe?

This week's video snaps


Michael with a counting book


A whole lot of fun with stickers!

A Quick look around the yard...

Most of the spring flowers are gone...

And then on Saturday

as I stepped out on to the deck...

What was that color that caught my eye???

Pale red!!!!!!

No it couldn't be!!!!

Oh but yes, .. it was...

fallen leaves...colorful leaves...
Now, don't get me wrong..
I love the fall,
it has always been my favorite time of year!!
All the beautiful colors melding
into a picturesque landscape on a sharp and crisp autumn day
what could be more pleasurable
to the eye or the soul?
Now, what season may I ask you
comes after fall?
I have learned ,
the hard way I might add..
Snow season!
and this was only August the 8th
Sunday morning,
bright and early Michael and I head to the
southern coastal region of Connecticut..
a meeting planned for somewhere in the
10:30 to 11:30 a.m. hour.
It was made and
then we headed up U.S. 1-A
toward Mystic Ct.
for lunch..
Little did we know that when we pulled into the town
limits we would be greeted by bumper to bumper traffic
(no parking spaces)
and Hordes of pedestrians
all turned out for the largest little town
Arts and Crafts Fair I believe I have ever seen..
every street you looked down was covered in tents..
Policemen at each and every intersection!!!!
Oh, how it made my heart go
and my knees go weak...
(we had started the journey today with a specific time set to get back)
as my drool cover chin turned in Michael's direction,
with the beginnings of a plea parting my lips,
there I witnessed the look of fear
ever so quickly race across his face..
then as he raised his eyes toward the heavens
I heard the faintest whispers of a prayer
offered up to his heavenly maker...
I turned ever so slowly back to my window,
feeling the strong arm of the good Lord
around my shoulder,
in a comforting way,
and his hand over my mouth!
I kept quiet knowing it would take me
days on end to visit each and every tent..
while carefully looking over and touching each and every ware..
so you see God does answer prayer..
We stopped in the next little town on the coast,
ate at a place called the "Dog Watch Cafe"
served by a waitress that had a
strong resemblance to the female side of the Kennedy clan
and still made it back to Rye by our designated time.

Large counter weights on a draw bridge


First time to drive in Rhode Island

Proof we were there...
We got back o Rye in time for
Michael to meet the deadline
on Ebay..
and he won the bid...

He is now the proud owner of a bicycle

as am I...
(that's why we were in Connecticut)...
I promise we will not be caught out on the street
wearing the ever so popular riding gear
that almost all the bikers are clad in up here...
It is the black and neon colored..
Spandex or Lycra suit that hugs each and every
bump, roll, or curve,
(resembling bright, slick paint poured over your naked body)
...that by the way at my age ,
you try so hard NOT to show everyone .
After the age of thirty a body has a mind of its own!
and on that subject we will keep our minds to ourselves...
thank you very much.
I am however, afraid
that we will be just too
Cute or not we will have fun

Chloe is our "Princess" and I am beginning to believe
she does have the old soul of some "saint"...

This morning I spied a
"little - bitty" frog
sunning out on the deck.


Do you remember the game
Where is Waldo?
Where is Thibodeaux?

There he is!!!

till next time..
May God grant you always
a sunbeam to warm you,
a moonbeam to charm you,
a sheltering Angel so nothing can
harm you.
Laughter to cheer you,
Faithful friends near you,
And whenever you pray,
Heaven to hear you.
an Irish blessing.

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