Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August Birthdays, Michael gets a Biscuit,a Big Date,Sewing, Shared Moments and Years Full of Memories...(think that about covers it..)

We find our self in August...
How time flies!
Over half the year gone
my bones just now thawing from
the last winters snow...
At the beginning of each month
I try to remember the birthdays that our
families celebrate and wish everyone in that month
a wonderful birthday month!!
Yes, I am a true believer in celebrating the day
of our birth for as long as one can ...
So in the month of August let's wish a very big
"Happy Birthday"

Megan Biddle
August 10th

Jimmie Goodman
August 18- July 2009

Carrie Ryan
August 20th

Peggy Sue Ryan
(Mam-maw Ryan)
August 31st
A few snap shots
from the web cam this past week:

Michael visits
"Build a Bear"
and comes home with


"See the picture, Mam-ma?"

such a cutie!

"Love you, Bye!!"
..and he is on the go again..
Lo and behold,
for the first time in a long time..
Michael and I are going to
get dressed up and actually
go out on a date!!
Yes, you heard me right..
dinner and a show..
to the Music Hall in Portsmouth
to see
"The Neville Brothers"
"Oh, What a Night!!!"

If you want to continue looking at the blog..
yet you have heard enough,
just click on the picture of the "speaker"
at the top of the slide.
p.s. It was a most wonderful evening!!!!
This past week I found myself
wanting to make
Michael W. some bowling shirts..
figuring out how to make the pattern,
and then his first shirt..
the second one is cut out and in the process now..
but the first uses the goldfish fabric
I seem to really like!!
I hope he does too!!

Watch out Charlie Sheen
(Two and a Half Men)
There is a new ladies man in town!
My sister shared some pictures she took
of some of our family members
when Felice and Michael
ate with them at the
"Snead Cafe"
Molley Biddle

Lawrence Goodman
(my brother)

Mam-maw Kadle and Michael
"Itsy-bitsy Spider"
Wheels on the bus
go round and round

...the babies go Whaa, whaa, whaa!
a good looking group
Alex Poe and Elizabeth Biddle
(My sister and her grandson)


serious business

paying close attention
listening well

Tim Goodman
(my nephew)
Looking through pictures this morning
for a certain one..
one of Carrie when she was about three,
sitting in her bedroom floor..
where I found her after
"What is that little rascal up to?
She is being WAY to quiet.."
finding that
my concerns had been warranted..
there that darlin' was sitting
with a lap full of
(from her ankles to her hips)
and about two feet on each side of her
of baby powder..
so what did her Mama do?
Grabbed the camera of course...
Looking through these pictures I realized
yet again
how fast time does fly!
Thirty years have gone by in a heartbeat!
It won't be long and our baby will think she is
plum grown!
(What mother would not scan a few to share?)
Turns out the baby powder one is in Alabama.
that girls first picture!

bundled up at Mam-maw Ryan's
in her car seat
Summer of '80
(Mama what big glasses you have!)

Daddy feeding her strawberries from our field

asleep with a full tummy...
petting zoo
What a smile!

Halloween in Augusta, Ga
Roller skating in Snellville

Flag flipper back in Hanceville

Both Ryan girls
were the mascott
for H.H.S.
Getting love from Boudreaux in Auburn

she has always been a good sleeper

with Mr. Sparkle..
it is a she.
Boudy and Sparkle were big buddies!

Carrie visits friends in Montanna
We visit Carrie in Virginia

A Christmas decorating
sneak attack!
September 19th
International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!!

A heart to heart with Chloe..

Just that quick...
time flew by and
she became a wonderful young woman!
(I don't care how old you get..your still the baby!)
Happy Birthday sweetheart!
(Boy, next time I bet you think twice before you say I can use any picture I want..)

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