Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tales of our Miss Bobo… The Queen...


Miss Bobo…

has been ruling the roost around us for the better part of 18 years.
When she first came to our home she and her brother Boo-Boo could sit together in your cupped hands..
Although she never got to be a BIG cat in stature she has a heart and a will as BIG as any Siberian Tiger.
This little eight pound darlin’ also has a voice to rival any Bull Elephant…
When she wants her “cookies”, petting,
or is just telling Thibby how to breath properly
(according to Miss Bo)
she will open that little mouth and let out the loudest
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you’ve ever heard.
and if it is in conjunction with instructions for Thibodeaux…
there is usually a nose bopping to accompany it !
But, not to worry…
there are no claws to be involved.
She has learned over the years to call me…
Especially when she has determined the sun has been down long enough (according to Miss Bobo)
and it should be bed time.
She will get on the bed and begin her
loud beckoning…
Maaaaaaaw~ Maaaaaaaaaw”
I from my chair will call
“Not yet Bo.”
She will repeat her request and if turned down once again
join me in the recliner…
always checking to make sure the spaces between many of my ribs have not “grown together” by stepping in each with that small kitten paw exerting at least 400lbs pressure on her way to lounge on my chest… at which point any book or laptop is closed.
Her favorite pass times include…
her food or mine.
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for nice cozy, quiet dark spots.
Keeping a watch over me.
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Petting ..
She loves her petting sections !
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every so often Bo gets a streak of “kitten” in her racing about the house, sliding on step rugs & across furniture.
She found houses with stairs to be very enjoyable at these times! 
sitting either directly in front of the computer screen warming by it’s light or keeping a very close eye on the cursor…
Nov 15 08 010
lounging on top of the printer,
shifting weight every now and again in order to push a different button .
Sewing room helper
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alone or with someone.
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in a window or under a lamp.
Thibby fussing
(all the boy has to do is walk in the room and cross his eyes…)
She informed him when he was just a wee pup of oh,..14 lbs at best that
she, yes, SHE was in charge…
so, several times a day
she MUST
keep this upper most in his mind.
(This apparently is very important when a pup will grow to well over a hundred pounds and the boss only weighs in at eight ! )
Through all these years she has had a constant nemesis …
It has followed her day in and day out.
On many, many occasions she finds it’s just to much to bare and must set that darn thing in it’s rightful place…
It is a hard job…
but it must be done !
Yet, it seems to mostly elude her grasp
On occasion caught for mere moments to only slip quickly away…
Someday, she will catch that tail !
That darn tail !

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