Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back on the Blog... after Christmas

When last we spoke it was
about time for the next move to
be getting underway...
I was sitting in South Carolina
tapping on these keys...
Tonight I sit in front of this screen in
South Georgia...
not completely surrounded by boxes
but, still by quite a bit of

On the 15th of December
the movers showed up and packed everything that was not hidden in the van or truck.
On the 16th,
 they came back and loaded
 their 18 wheeler...
that was a cold and icee day!
Later that afternoon
Miss BoBo, Miss Chloe,
Young Thibodeaux & I loaded
in the van & drove south...
the further south we went the warmer it seemed,
until we meandered around out last interstate interchange
finding ourselves headed due south
with a brilliant afternoon sun shinning in the windows.
One night was spent in a empty
house with an air mattress,
then the next morning
on the 17th,
pretty early,
 the big truck pulled in.

The pups stayed out back...

The unloading went extremely fast.

The unpacking
well... it continues...
I will confess to the fact that during the Christmas holidays...
We all loaded up and went home to
Alabama & then to Virginia!
Felice brought Michael & Joseph
down south to visit the kin...
Our house is usually decked out
room by room,
top to bottom in Christmas decor...
 this year it was not to be.
As we drove into the little town
where we live,
out my drivers window I saw
with a twinkling of starlight for a backdrop
a small red sleigh being drawn through the nights sky by a team of magical reindeer...
and believe it or not but there
as plain as the nose on my face holding the reigns...
one little old man
 white beard and all,
his clothing
covered in red..
Looking at me saying...
"You better get those puppies
home to bed."
They gave me no troubles that night,
and were ready for sleep..
When the next dawn did shine,
we saw what Santa had left
 me and mine.
And to top it all off 
it had begun to snow.
Thibby ran around ready to frolic...
Chasing the flakes as if they were falling nibbles
snapping and licking at the wet
whiteness as it fell across the yard.

That day and the next few were spent
seeing family on the fly...
oh, and "Fa~Ra~Ra"
Chinese dinner on Christmas night...

Never enough time when we are home!
Back to Georgia for a quick turn around...
then on
 New Years Eve Day off to Virginia...
I must take a moment here to confess that the early morning disembarking
somehow found the camera still sitting on the table
 ...left behind...
Yet ,Mike took some pictures with his phone
There we had lunch out with Bill,
Felice and Michael...
then it was east to Carrie...
where we met Dan
presents were exchanged ...
All seemed tickled...

Carrie got new skates!
(I could not help myself the picture of her when she was 8 or 9 in her homemade padding had to be included!)
a late night meal was enjoyed,
then hugs were given.
Carrie and Dan
 went to 
cheer in the New Year
as Papa and I 
retired to the hotel for a quick nights rest...
the next day it was to be 
On the road again!
Sunday was "Ground Breaking"
on the new project 
and Monday...
Well, come Monday we'd start
all over again.
This kinda catches us up to here...
Be sure to keep a watch out ...
I'm sure the four legged children will
have something to say on their blog
 about the move,
the holidays, and a visitor they recently had!
        (psst.. but, give 'em a day or two)
Hope everyone had a great Christmas!
We sure did!!!

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