Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hope "springs" epitaph to "Wilbur"

Happy Valentines Day! Michael received a package
via the U.S. Postal Service
from his Papa & Gamma
filled with "prizes"
Valentines treats.We got to watch him open it over the web cam
He tries on his new rain coat plays with his new truck

tries on his dragon hat
He also got a musical Valentines card
that his Papa and Gamma recorded
a message on..
We got to see him...
open it..listen..close it..
open it..listen..
close it..
over & over & over

calls back later that night to say
"Good Night"

Tomahawk Chop..
Everybody has to do it
don't forget to
"Do what?"
Ready to go and play so a big wave good-bye
and now another word
This past week we experienced a
heat wave...
2 days in a row
low to mid 40s reached
for the highs
and last Sunday was a warm one too.
Michael and I got out and went
into Mass. were the southern sun had
melted spots of snow deep enough to
see 4 to 6 feet of ground!
Yeah, really..the ground that has grass and leaves on it!!
I was almost Giddy!
Back here our snow has not "melted"...
but it has shrunk!!!
I look out and this morning I can see the granite fence
and some of the big boulder's in the
yard for the first time in around six weeks!
and right outside the kitchen window..
a spot about 5 foot in diameter...
all the way to the ground!
All the icicles
are gone..
Yes, even "Wilbur"
has slowly dripped away.
I have thought of donning a swim suit
and running up and down
Love Lane
in jubilation of the warmth..
but, alas
Canada comes calling again this morning..
Our highs are to be in the 20s again..
I have been told about the glorious
sunny 70s
that have tickled the children
in Virginia
and the rest of our families
in Alabama...
So in celebration of warm weather
I Have donned
This past week I finished
the project I had been working on..
A quilt just smaller than a "twin" size
but larger than a throw..
so on a cold night one could get completely
in the living the fire..
I wanted boats and such
with anchors in the corners
and sail boats on the
boarders of waves
I have named it...

"Nautical Dreams"

All y'all hug each other for us
and we will do the same..

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