Thursday, February 5, 2009

Good Mornin"

Good Mornin' from the
Great White Tundra just south of the
"Great North Woods"
Another cold day starting out at 2
with a predicted low in the negative
once again..

Arthritis index is stuck on
and the old joints are


It has been a quiet week on Love Lane..
the days and evenings filled with quilting..
I am almost through with the project
at hand...
a couple of more days and I hope
to see it finished...

Last week end plans for snow tubing
were put on hold till better weather conditions.

Apparently , I could not wait to wildly
fling my body down on a cold and very
slippery surface..
so Friday night while taking out
the garbage I took a practice
As for ice skating I am still
no better at it than I was at 13! least this time I did not knock
myself out!
We seemed to have dodged a bullet
and just caught the bee-bee with our bi-weekly
snow storm this week..
it snowed for 2 days straight..
but, and this is a guess-timation,
I figure it was only 3 inches worth.

As the afternoon turns into evening
and everyone is home we get to hear
the ringing of the web-cam..
Papa and I scurry to the computer to
see and talk to
"The Little Mister"
I really like this age of the "Jetsons"!
As far away as we are ,we still get to see
the little fellow and hear his new words ,
see his new favorite toy, play patty-cake,
and watch him play air guitar ...
I take snap shots sometimes as we talk..
never know for sure how they will
turn out..the boy is a wiggler..

his green truck

playing air guitar

he is our rock star!

green bandage covers today's


This week has been cold...
the icicles just continue to grow
and add character..


Chloe sleeping..

this ice formation
seems to be pointing up in
the direction of
Yes, he has been around for over a month..
so he gets a name.

this mornings tracks in the drive..
It looks like deer..
They are abundant.

Happy Birthday

In February :
Mam-maw Robertson
February 22
Happy Birthday Bill!
February 4th
Sean Biddle

Many happy returns!

Follow the link below to a web cam
at the moves around and you get
several different views
Until next time may you all stay warm
and may your joints stay free of pain
(I am headed to the medication cabinet
for my dose of "I-be-hurtins")
Be sure to Watch Out for
those pesky

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