Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sunday with Michael

This past Sunday, after sleeping in, we started our day slowly...
Michael in his easy chair with a cup of coffee..
and me doing whatever it was I did...
We then got ready and headed out...our first stop
"Widow Fletcher's" for a Sunday brunch...
this was good and very filling...(I had visions of Michael
calling in the laborers with a wheel barrow to ROLL me out
to the truck!)..We both ordered the country breakfast..
(no grits..)
Virginia ham, bangers
(link sausage..for those of us that don't speak Yankee
on a regular basis..) , eggs, O'Brien potatoes
(large slices of potato fried with onions and red peppers...
mine were minus the onions & peppers due to the reflux)
and french toast!
The "Widder" got our vote for another trip...
Then on up the road toward the seacoast and Maine..
we were in search of a seal sighting!
All along pondering how I could talk Michael into letting
me have one for a pet...never really coming up with a good plan
knowing all the ploys that were previouly tried for a pot bellied pig, mini mule,
Llama, pygmy elephant and other assorted "cute" things
have not worked over the years...
The weather men had told us that the days high was to be 50..
it was the coldest 50 ,I believe ,I have ever experianced!..
The northern wind blowing in off the ocean made me "skitter" any
time I was outside the truck... (and I was bundled in a long sleeved tee,
bulky sweater, pants and fur lined boots!)
Oh, bless my southern heart and arthritic joints when winter
gets here!
It was a very blustery day...the wind was kicking and the ocean was
breaking on the rocks and over the road with a fury!
There were places waves were so high against the rocks
they actually went across the road!
A young couple that is also here with the company had sighted the seals
a couple of weeks ago, so off we headed in that direction...
I did take notice as Michael was putting a destination in the "talking lady"
(GPS) and questioned what he had put in...well, the answer was.."The Pie Store.."
"we will turn right there ,then go to the left at the fork in the road..
then go just past house # ***...that is where they saw the seals"
NOTE to self: remember the "PIE STORE"
We saw many pretty sights that day..including the
"Nubble Lighthouse"
but, I fear the seals had moved for the day...
and not left a forwarding address...
At one time we pulled into a parking lot by the ocean and
a very NEAT red "woody" station wagon pulled up and parked by us..
the two people grinned very big at us till we started to leave..
when Michael backed up we saw their tag..they were from Atlanta!
At that point 4 big waves and grins were exchanged!
On the way back we drove through Maine and by the Pres.& Barbara Bush
home..(but they are probably in the great state of Texas for the winter.)
I had a very nice day with Michael..enjoying the sights and
getting to spend the day with him!
Many pictures were missed...but here are some...
(yet, again there are one or two that are duplicated...
this time due to all the wonderful help this morning from
Mr. Boo-Boo..)
Leaving on South Road...
headed to the "Widow Fletcher's"
Going up U.S.1 toward Portsmouth

Very close to the hospital project Crossing the river to Maine

The Nubble Light house

(unknown person ..I was shooting the waves..)

Michael & the Bush compound

Back to the yard in Rye

This morning Chloe looks like she is snoozing,
but don't let looks fool you!
The Princess is laying in wait
for any wild and rampent Moose, Bear, Sasquatch,
or the occasional crazed chipmonk!

...and she does such a good job...
not a single one has bothered us yet!

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