Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Bargello Top is Finished

The piecing is done…
Borders applied and mitered
003 (3) - Copy
To cut your borders …
measure the top of your quilt add the width of your border twice plus 2 inches…
this will be the length of your top and bottom borders
(the width is up to you)
repeat for your sides
Measure and mark with pins into fourths the quilt edge top and border…
match up pins and sew to within 1/4 inch of top edge
Apply all sides this way and miter.
004 (3)
Carrie’s Bargello was to be a “full size”
010 (3)
But, I don’t like not being able to tuck my pillows when making a bed with a quilt so I added enough for that..
Next the top will be pinned to the the backing and batting then it will be on it’s way to the hoop.
007 (3) - Copy
So with a lot of “supervision”
a little time and some gumption
we jumped in and proved my mama right
“You girls, can do anything you set your mind to.”
Not only could I …
but, I enjoyed it so much I’m already contemplating the design for my next Bargello!


Cathy Jean said...

Oh my! Oh my! It's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, like the colors
Barb D