Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Shall Have Some Tea

A veil of quite as

enveloped the house

this morning.

Unless you listen closely

you might miss the

sounds of intent

licking as each pup,

in their own space,

work unrelentlessly to

relieve their "Pongs"

the enormous burden of

peanut butter and one small

cookie embedded there in...


oh, so quietly

as if almost a hushed whisper

you can hear

Miss Bo-Bo licking the gravy

from her bowl of "squishy"


For just awhile longer

Meredith & Matt will

remain "muted"

where as the chatter and

white noise of the world will

be kept at bay...

for just a while.

just a little while...

I think...

I shall have some tea.

tea 032

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