Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pear Pie, Red Berries & L.L.Bean

Happy Birthday

to those we love

born in


Hersel Goodman

Molley Biddle

Christopher Ryan

Eric Pemberton

Rhonda Biddle Poe

Mark Poe

Randall Slaten

Laura Biddle

?Zachary Noah Slaten?


The Little Emperor

is sick this week..

with a communicable disease

brought to day care by

another little one...

Bless his sweet heart..

he feels pretty bad...

We hope he feels better real


Mondays are wash days , around here, this week

the laundry seemed to seep over into Tuesday.

After two loads of clothes ,

I felt the "need" to get

out and about!

The cloudy grey skies have been

contributing to a pretty good case of the


Monday ,

while a load of dark colors

became a drudgery ,

I was enlightened ...

I was so tickled with myself

I almost became giddy!

I had seen some very pretty Red berries

on the road side in Rye..

Up the stairs I ran,

to prepare..

dressed in jeans and some sturdy shoes,

a long sleeve and make-up*

*(this being very important

in case the Rye police took offense

of my berry pilfering..

I would not look like just any derelict ,

in my mug shot on the

evening news!)

With garden gloves in hand,

I could not find the snips

so I had to take the big "loppers"

Michael uses to prune TREES..

but, they went into the

back of the

granny van

accompanied by a five gallon bucket..

so began my day away

from the laundry!

Unable to find a good place to pull the van

while berry napping,

and wondering if Michael would pay my bail!

I decide that a trip to "Michaels"

would yield red berries of

the fake geneses..

Upon emerging from the local

craft emporium...

not, only did I find the clouds had

broken up...

but, a round of "Retail therapy"

had worked its magic!

So I was smiling all the way back to the house,

with a quick detour by the local


(just for good measure)..


with Michael's

in the rear view mirrorPortsmouth pigeon


Pear Pie

The other week I saw this recipe in in a magazine

not only did it turn out to taste very good

but it was easy too!

2/3c all-purpose flour

1/2c granulated sugar

1/2t ground cinnamon

1/8t salt

3T lemon juice

6 medium firm pears*

peeled , cored and sliced lengthwise into

1/2 inch wedges

(* next time I will use 8 pears)

pie crust

cooking spray

1/3c light brown sugar

3T chilled butter,

cut into small pieces

Preheat oven: 375

Combine 1/3c flour, granulated sugar,cinnamon & salt

in a large bowl.

Add juice and pears to flour mixture;

toss gently to coat.

Spray pie plate with cooking spray.

Fit with rolled pie crust and flute edges.

Arrange pears evenly in crust.

Combine remaining 1/3c flour ,

1/3c brown sugar

in a bowl

cut in cold butter,

with pastry blender, two knives,


food processor

until mixture resembles coarse meal.

Sprinkle evenly over pears.

Bake at 375 for one hour

or until browned.

Let cool on wire rack

10 minutes.


the rest of the laundry was still waiting..

A pot of Gumbo

was assembled


Michael and his "RJ Griffin"cohorts

to have for

lunch tomorrow

...the high will not get out of the 40s...

..they could use a little warmth..

It seems so cold to me..

yet, I know that in time to come I

will look back and contemplate this "balmy"

tropical weather!

Anyway, I regress..after all was said and done..

The washing , the cooking, a little cleaning

& a warm bubble bath..


came and said..

"Don't you think its about time to work on the blog?"

"I will even quit this daydreaming of running through

the grass , of chasing chipmunks and birds..

and go be your

Secretary...for awhile"

Driving back through Rye..

New Hampshire is the

"Granite State"

everywhere you look

granite fences enclose property lines

Large granite rocks and boulders

in the yards and fields

Some of the fence around our place on

Love Lane

almost all the color is gone

but, a little hangs on

Last Sunday,

we had brunch at the house..

I had found some good looking

cinnamon raisin bread

made by a company


"When Pigs Fly"


we had french toast.

Then we headed north into Maine

toward Freeport

and the flagship store


LL Bean.

Michael drove up I-95

We were enjoying the first sunny day in

many days...


some pretty big clouds

the trees along right-of-way

are pretty naked

they do like to take your change...

...coming into Portland..

draw bridge

as we drove up the nations highways and by ways..

I as usual was just "rattling"

Talking about this and that..

just basking in Michaels company...when out of the clear blue he says

"Foul Mouth"

Well, needless to say I immediately shut up!

And with much bewilderment contemplated what

I had just said....

and to my knowledge I could think of nothing

I had utered that would have been

construed as foul...

unless...maybe I had been stricken with

Tourettees syndrome

and one of the symptoms was not only

did you scream out foul


but, you also immediately forgot

you had done it...

Then ,to my relief , Michael

pointed out the reason for

his statement..
Whee..no Tourettees....

Arriving in


Since we got north of the Mason Dixon line

I have been told Moose

are all around..

I have seen the road signs..

I have heard of wrecks involving them

on the news...

Chloe seems to think they are in the woods behind the


and then after all my waiting

and looking...

a Mangy Moose...

In a town built for shopping

we did a


and then on our way out of town...

We drove out of town south on U.S. 1

through some neat towns..

till we came to


where we stopped for a very good supper.

can you believe its only 3:30?

I would not like having to


my groceries to the top floor!

Work is calling...it never fails...

Michael was interested in the

Trolley Museum
We enjoyed our meal.

Miss Bo-Bo welcomes Michael home

she tells all about her day!

Boo tries out Chloes spot

and Chloe is glad we are home
as are we.

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